Simone in tears at Zach: “he has brainwashed me”

With a broken heart, Simone leaves Thailand with Zach. After justifying and twisting all the images he gave during the program, Simone tells how her (ex-) friend really works. “After the program, he certainly tried to brainwash me.” You did such bad things, “” says Simone. “I wanted to understand what he was going through and how he was feeling. Maybe I have said very bad things that seem hurtful. I want to see two sides of the story.”

While Simone reveals one bizarre story after another about Zach, she bursts into tears not much later. Behind her stoic attitude is a lot of sadness. In the past, she has often been hurt by men, sometimes still feeling like she is not good enough.

In this episode of Temptation Gossip Simone claps out of the school about Zach.


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