Simracing: Czech dominates Racer League

Under the amazed eyes of Fabian Vettel, Michal Smidl wins the Silverstone race of the Racing Unleashed Championship – Beyond the Pinnacle. The brother of four-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel commented on the races of the Racer and Challenger League from Zurich. “That was absolutely good and, above all, fair racing, great to watch,” says the Munich resident.
Racing Unleashed – Beyond the Pinnacle (click here for the homepage) – this is the racing series in which the drivers in high-performance simulators chase a virtual 2022 Formula 1 model across the race tracks. 46-inch screens with a panoramic view and carbon fiber cockpits with an integrated sound system make the races in the racing lounges at various locations in Germany, Switzerland and Spain an almost real Formula 1 experience. Overall, the prize money in the races is around 200,000 Swiss francs.

With four races to go, Smidl is 74 points ahead of his third Racing Unleashed title. “I pushed like a madman. It paid off, there were some nice overtaking manoeuvres,” says the 2020 and 2021 champion. “But I didn’t expect to win, the focus was on the championship. Christoph must have had a problem, he didn’t deserve it.”

Michal Smidl wins the Silverstone race of the Racing Unleashed Competition – Beyond the Pinnacle.

In fact, runner-up Christoph Holstein had problems centering the steering wheel while he was in the lead four laps before the end. As a result, he lost control in Stowe Corner and had to let the best sim racer in the Czech Republic pass. Smidl was also given a place by his friend and compatriot Vojtech Polesny, who starts together with Smidl in the Munich Lounge. Third-placed Polesny: “It was a great day for the Czech sim racing scene.”

While the championship leader was waved through, the other contenders were struggling. “It’s not easy to overtake at Silverstone. The course guidance was on my side today,” analyzes Polesny, who could never be attacked even with good speed exiting the corners. Smidl: “We will celebrate the success with a few beers and coffee.”

The pilots of the Challenger League were already on their way on Saturday. Siro Zambra secured victory. “I got off to a good start, was then able to build up a lead and manage it to the end,” said the race winner from the Zurich lounge.

Nico Fahland took second place in the intense duel at the Silverstone race: “I’m very happy with the result. I needed the points. I work and train hard. Here in the Munich lounge I rode with Angelo (Michel ; editor’s note) and Michal from the Racer League, they gave me extremely good tips that helped me to be more consistent in the race.”

Sinan Demirbas completes the podium. In the championship, the Spaniard David Cid remains in the lead with eight points on Demirbas after a botched race.

The next races are on August 27th and 28th. Then the RU stars drive parallel to the Formula 1 drivers on the virtual circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. The races will again be broadcast live on YouTube (English) and Twitch (German).

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