Singer builds the Safari 911, which Porsche doesn’t dare

Money doesn’t make you happy, they say. But with Money can buy this insane, air-cooled off-road 911 from Singer. And that should be pretty damn close to perfect happiness. It is the first rally vehicle from the Californians, otherwise known for top-class Porsche 911 restomods, and was built at the request of a long-standing customer. The project is called ACS (All-terrain Competition Study) and should contest the toughest off-road races like the Baja 1000 or the Dakar Rally. With this, Singer built the Safari 911, which die-hard fans have longed for from Porsche! (From 2022 Audi will be involved in the Dakar Rally!)

The ACS is based on a 1990 964, and these are actually two vehicles with different setups. The customer ordered the white for high-speed desert races and the red for tests with a high proportion of asphalt. Both were designed in collaboration with British rally specialist Richard Tuthill. He also had a hand in the two rally Porsche 953 and 959. The two racing singers take “rally” seriously. You have one Off-road chassis with extremely long suspension travel and two adjustable dampers per wheel. The new carbon body houses four 16 inch rims with coarse tires. The chassis and underbody have also been reinforced.

An air-cooled twin-turbo boxer now sits in the rear of the ACS at least 456 hp and 569 Nm torque. The charge air cooling of the 3.6 liter is water-based, and according to Singer, the performance can still be increased a lot. Power is transmitted by a sequential five-speed racing transmission, which forwards the power to all four wheels via three limited slip differentials. The large tank provides an extra portion of range, Bucket seats and cage with FIA certificates for the safety of the occupants. Other rally extras are the hydraulic handbrake and a GPS navigation device.

With all that affinity for racing but the two ACS also have the typical, simply breathtaking Singer details. Two beautiful tailpipes with tow hooks peek out of the rear apron, which is milled from solid, and the steering wheel is a sculpture in itself. The white ACS is peppered with hidden allusions to the legendary Rothmans-959. Singer does not reveal what the renovations cost. Other Singer Porsches are scratching the million mark, and that should also be the case with the ACS cars – per piece, of course. The anonymous customer has approved the construction plans. So if you want, you can call Singer and have your own rally Porsche tailored. I bet that the driving experience will make you forget the purchase price very quickly.


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