Singles Day or Black Friday: These tips will save you money

The shopping events of the year are getting closer. After Black Friday on November 27th and Cyber ​​Monday on November 30th, Singles Day from China is becoming more and more important in this country. Many shops also discover this day, which is 11.11. takes place for themselves and attract their customers with sometimes high discounts. Benjamin Weiland is the founder of the bargain portal, which points out low prices at various online shops.

In an interview with, he explains that it can be worthwhile for consumers to keep an eye out for online offers on Singles Day. “It is precisely the larger shops that also advertise high discounts on Singles Day, even if the general public does not start campaigns until Black Friday.”

The discount days become more and more a whole discount week. Many shops advertise with a “Black Week” in which various campaigns are carried out and articles from various areas are offered at reduced prices. The stationary trade also advertises discounts every year, but the Corona requirements counteract the crowds and long queues in the city centers.

If you also want to go shopping on Singles Day, we have prepared some tips for you, with which you are perfectly prepared for the shopping events.

With these savings tips you are perfectly prepared for Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday


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