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Sinterklaas arrival best viewed program of the day

The arrival of Sinterklaas, due to corona without an audience this year, attracted crowds of viewers yesterday afternoon.

More than 2.2 million people have seen how Sinterklaas and his entourage built in “an unknown place” in the Netherlands. This made the entry the most viewed television program of the day.

This is evident from figures from Stichting Kijkonderzoek (SKO). The saint arrived at the fictional Dieuwertje Blokkade. A total of 2,225,000 people turned to NPO3 from 12:00 onwards.

No Masked Singer entry yet

With 2.2 million viewers, the entry of Saint and his soot sweepers was not a hit like the unprecedentedly watched final of The Masked Singer, Friday on RTL 4 (almost 4 million viewers). It does indicate how many people watch TV in these weird times.

No audience

The national entry was different this year than usual. Due to the corona measures, no public was allowed, so the location of arrival was not announced in advance. After arrival, Sinterklaas went directly to the Grotepietenhuis, where he stays during his visit to the Netherlands. There was a lot of speculation earlier that the Saint and his helpers would moor.

A photo of the preparations for the filming of the entry of Saint Nicholas at Soestdijk Palace
At Paleis Soestdijk television recordings were made by the NTR for the Sinterklaasjournaal. Photo: / Robin van Lonkhuijsen

Entry with a parade

The Pietenhuis turned out to be Soestdijk Palace, where a real parade was held like on Queen’s Days in earlier times. Mayors, both real and fictional as “bur” Matthijs van Nieuwkerk of the municipality of Zwalk, walked with a few children along the Sint and handed him drawings and delicacies from the municipality (such as a Sinterkaas from Alkmaar). Kids with a drawing could send it in via the website of the Sinterklaasjournaal and then received a thank you message from the mayor or mother. Almost all mayors of the Netherlands participated in the program, except for a few.

Femke Halsema

Femke Halsema of Amsterdam was one of the mayors who did not participate or who delivered her video too late. She wanted to do that after some fuss, but the Sinterklaasjournaal then kindly declined. Halsema received a lot of negative reactions from all over the country.

After the broadcast of the entry, the news from 8 p.m. on NPO1 was the most viewed program. 2,200,000 people looked at that. In third place came Oh what a year from Chantal Janzen on RTL 4. 1,641,000 viewers witnessed this.

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Sinterklaas arrival best viewed program of the day


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