Sinterklaas better buy gifts on time, longer delivery times expected

At the beginning of the corona crisis, transport to and from China became disrupted. Ports closed and sea containers ended up in different places than usual. Many container ships were taken out of service. As the recovery was faster than expected, prices for sea containers have gone through the roof.

Toy stores don’t expect to face real shortages for the upcoming holidays, but they do expect longer delivery times.

Run on PlayStation

Press agency ANP makes a tour of toy sellers such as Intertoys and, and the online stores Amazon and

Intertoys CEO Eddy Assies says that the supply of items is not stable and arrives in the 215 Intertoys stores in fragments. He also notices that customers are more likely to buy presents ‘because they are restless’. This also applies to more expensive products such as game consoles such as the PlayStation. “The run on that is normally only at the end of the year.”

Online toy specialist, which also supplies schools and nurseries, does not foresee any problems due to large stocks, but does receive signals from suppliers that items may arrive later and may become more expensive.

More expensive at the Action

Action says some of the toy range won’t hit stores until November and customers who are used to stocking early will notice. Action therefore expects a ‘minimal impact’ on the prices of toys. “It will be a final sprint for Sinterklaas and Santa Claus this year,” says a spokesperson. The retailer has previously warned of price increases.

Although notices longer than usual delivery times for some of the range, the webshop does not expect any complaints for customers. sells 40 percent of the range itself, the rest is offered through partners.

Amazon takes into account that products may not be in stock in the run-up to the holidays, but thinks it can offer enough alternatives. The web store says it can do no harm if consumers already stock holiday gifts.

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