Sipke Jan Bousema hopes for ‘colorful’ LGBT mood Friesland

Friesland is the only province that does not use the international LGBTI symbol on days that are important to gays. Sipke Jan recently confessed to the program First Dates how much this affected him and how much impact this has on other LGBTI people.

“The motion that will be put to the vote tomorrow – make Friesland a rainbow province – is about more than just the symbol of the rainbow flag,” writes Sipke Jan. “It is about tackling a concrete and current problem. The number of cases of discrimination against people from the LGBTIQ + community has only increased in the north of the Netherlands in recent years. The suicide rate among LGBTIQ + youngsters is 4.5 times as high. high as for straight youngsters. These are hard numbers. “

A province that speaks out clearly for a society in which everyone can be himself, and that shows and hears that outside, is an important step towards a future without discrimination against the rainbow community, according to Sipke Jan. The vote will be “an exciting moment for me and the parties that have been working on this for years. Politics will send an important signal tomorrow evening, Wednesday 27 May. I hope for a colorful signal.”


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