Six-wheel pick-up with over 1200 hp from tuner Hennessey

Hennessey builds a six-wheel pick-up with over 1200 hp

This is only available in the USA: Tuner Hennessey grabs the RAM TRX and adds two wheels and 500 hp. The result is a real monster pick-up.

W.he thought the 712 HP RAM TRX was already awesome, but Hennessey teaches him better. On the RAM basis, the Texan tuner creates the Mammoth 6×6, a six-wheeled monster with axes pulverizing 1217 hp.

The huge pick-up creation would have a very good chance of winning the title “Most absurd car in the world”. Three copies of the three-axle vehicle are to be built, one is still available.

Seven liter supercharged V8 with 1217 hp

The 1217 hp are no longer generated by the 6.2-liter V8 in the Mammoth 6×6. Unlike in the “normal” Mammoth, Hennessey transplanted the Mopar Hellephant engine into the bow of the 6×6. The Seven liter supercharged V8 already delivers 1000 hp by default and is optimized again by the tuner. For the addition of “6×6” to the name, the loading area is extended and an additional pair of axles is installed. The rearmost wheels are not just appendages, they also become actually powered. Further upgrades concern off-road rims with suitable tires, Off-road suspension, new bumpers, auxiliary lights and more. (Ford offers a 7.3-liter V8 that you can install yourself.)

21077 Hamburg, car dealership T&K – Jeep Hamburg Harburg

13127 Berlin, Autohaus Kramm GmbH

13127 Berlin, Autohaus Kramm GmbH

61231 Bad Nauheim, Ford Kƶgler GmbH

With the VelociRaptor 6×6 (Ford F-150 Raptor) and the Goliath 6×6 (Chevrolet Silverado), Hennessey already has two six-wheel pick-ups in its range. But company owner John Hennessey says of the Mammoth 6×6 that it is the craziest project of all. And that’s exactly why you build it. A total of three vehicles are to be built, but not all have been sold yet. That could also be converted from the purchase price of around half a million euros lie. Incidentally, the Mammoth 6×6 is still only available as a rendering on the computer. It should therefore take a while before the first copy is completed.

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