Sixt: Hackers capture customer data from car rental companies

According to the car rental company Sixt, customer data was also stolen during a hacker attack at the end of April.

At the end of April, the rental car provider Sixt fell victim to a hacker attack. As the company has asserted over the past five weeks, the attack was detected early and contained. However, the effects appear to be greater than Sixt has previously wanted to admit.

Hackers had access to customer data

While Sixt has so far been evasive in answering the question of whether customer data had also been stolen during the attack by the Black Basta hacker group, the company now announced further details about the hacker attack on the Pentecost weekend. With an FAQ e-mail, Sixt informed some of its customers that customer data records had also been stolen as part of the attack, reports Der Spiegel. Sixt did not want to answer the question of how many customers were affected by the theft.

Contact details and addresses stolen

Sixt emphasizes in the email that the hackers had no access to the central customer databases or payment systems. However, analysts have confirmed that part of the data was copied by the hackers. Sixt speaks here of “individual customer data”. According to Sixt, the copied data included data records from the loyalty and advantage programs. The hackers got their first and last name, address, e-mail address and customer number. According to Sixt, it cannot rule out that details such as the driver’s license number, rental period and payment method were also copied from the affected customers. According to Sixt, passwords and credit card numbers were not affected by the theft.

Sixt warns of phishing attempts

In its email, Sixt advises the affected customers to watch out for suspicious activities such as phishing attempts. According to Sixt, the data captured by the hackers could also be made available to third parties.

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