Ski organizations are canceling mass travel during the Easter holidays

Flemish ski organizations assume that no trips will be able to take place during the Easter holidays. Seventeen of those organizations canceled all their organized group holidays during that period.

The ban on non-essential travel will continue until April 1. That’s just before the Easter holidays. But several Flemish ski organizations suspect that that ban will be extended. Moreover, the current corona situation in typical winter sports countries is not really promising.

No ski trips during the Easter holidays

Seventeen Flemish ski organizations have therefore decided to cancel all their trips for the current winter sports season. This means that the group trips that were planned during the Easter holidays cannot take place.

These organizations are: Aktief-ski, Arena Travel, Axion Ski, Carolus Ski, Famiski, JOSKReizen, Skifriends, Skiworld, Snowdream, Snowfriends, SnowMania, SnowPlus, Sporty Ski, Staes Ski Holidays, Tramontana, Travelwhite and VOS Travel.

Travelers personally notified

“Most travelers have already been personally informed and every travel company commits to dealing with each case quickly,” said a press release. “From the many responses we received, we can conclude that every traveler understands this decision and – above all – appreciates our fast and clear communication.”

Hope for understanding

“Throughout this crisis, our sector has always been very docile and very understanding towards our government, in contrast to other affected sectors that made themselves heard a lot more. On the contrary, our sector has always taken its full responsibility and meekly followed and implemented the recommendations. ”

“We are counting on politicians to now also take full responsibility with regard to the vaccination campaign and the exit strategy, so that we can go all out again next winter.”


Earlier this year, those ski organizations also canceled all their trips during the spring break. Back then, a press release still referred to “a signal”. “We are giving up the spring break, in the hope that the ski trips can continue during the Easter holidays,” it sounded at the time. Unfortunately, that hope has had no effect.


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