Skoda Enyaq Coupé: test, E-SUV, battery, range

Skoda Enyaq Coupé (2022): Illustration – SUV – Electric – Info

So the coupe version of the Skoda Enyaq could come

A range of a maximum of 535 kilometers

How is that supposed to work? Of course, with the clearly more exciting body: Does the Enyaq So far as a cross-brave high seat, which has a few rough edges in the sheet metal dress, but otherwise hardly offers any friction surface, polarizes that flattened coupe tail significantly more – and without major restrictions: the trunk shrinks minimally 570 liters, and adults can also take a seat in row two. In return, that wins 4.65 meters long coupe even, namely in terms of aerodynamics: the cW.Value shrinks again by a few decimal places to 0.247, the range increases – albeit slightly – to a maximum 535 kilometers.
Skoda Enyaq Coupe

Gentle giant: with its two tons, the Enyaq Coupé is full and good-natured on the road.

There are no surprises when driving

At least if you sign up for a version with large battery decides, so the 204 hp Enyaq Coupe iV 80 with 82 kWh of electricity in the stomach or the one also available in the coupé body All-wheel drive version 80x with an extra motor on the front axle and up to 265 hp. The 60s model will also be in the showroom, with a 62 kWh battery and 179 hp. The Czechs do without the entry-level model iV 50 with reduced performance and electricity storage capacity, from the Strong version RS there is still no talk that it will be submitted later, but it is not unlikely. Otherwise everything is the same. Those who get in at the front will find themselves in the familiar Enyaq cockpit again, with small instruments, large ones Infotainment screen and tidy center console. The glass roof is standard on the Coupé, the rest depends on the budget.

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox + green electricity

The exclusive charging package in the AUTO BILD edition: Charge Amps Halo ™ for 499 euros instead of 1189 euros RRP.

In co-operation with

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And how does it drive? There is also here no surprises, the SUV coupé is flowing good-naturedly on our first test drive, thanks to the more than two tons of weight fed up on the street – and like its conventional brothers, does not fall through exaggerated Liveliness on. But it doesn’t have to, the sloping rear ensures that. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)

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