Skoda Fabia (2021): new interior and digital cockpit as an extra

The prices for the new generation start at 13,990 euros

The fourth generation of the Skoda Fabia is one thing above all: grown up. From now on, the small car shares the MQB-A0 base with the newly launched VW Polo, which not only gives it more equipment and safety, but also significantly more space. Of the Five-door is already available from the dealers. Prices start at 13,990 euros, the most powerful variant with four cylinders and 150 hp will be available at the beginning of 2022. But we will have to wait what feels like an eternity for the Combi: Skoda does not want to bring it until 2023. Until then, the previous model will probably continue to be offered temporarilyn.

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The entry-level prices of the Skoda Fabia at a glance

Skoda Fabia 1.0 MPI (66 HP)
Five-speed manual transmission; from 13,990 euros.

Skoda Fabia 1.0 MPI (80 PS)
Five-speed manual transmission; from 16,290 euros.

Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI (95 PS)
Five-speed manual transmission; from 17,590 euros.

Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI (110 PS)
Six-speed manual transmission; from 19,890 euros.

Skoda Fabia 1.5 TSI (110 PS)
Seven-speed DSG; from 21,390 euros.

Apparently there will be no more Fabia Combi

Skoda actually wanted to bring a Fabia Combi again in 2023. These plans have now apparently been canceled. This is reported by the Czech platform “”, referring to a letter to the Skoda employees that the ČTK news agency has received. In this, the company gives the reasons for the sudden change of heart. The biggest problem is said to be the strict EU7 emissions standard. Because of that, people say goodbye to models with combustion engines more quickly and prefer to invest in the future, i.e. electric cars. According to Skoda failed to develop the Fabia Combi profitably. The platform in particular should be a cost factor. The new MQB-A0 base cannot simply be used for the station wagon. Instead, Skoda would have to modify it, as there has not yet been another car with such a long rear overhang. A problem that obviously goes into the money. But that doesn’t have to mean that the Fabia Combi will no longer be available from now on. The previous generation is currently being built, possibly until the end of 2022, as Skoda planned before the decision to discontinue the car was made. Perhaps it will then be replaced by an electric car, which would naturally offer even more space.

The dimensions of the Skoda Fabia are growing in almost all directions

Visually, there are no big surprises with the new generation. At the front, the new hexagonal grille and the narrower headlights with standard LED technology are particularly noticeable. The air inlet in the apron is also designed a little more angular. The big innovation at the rear are the two-part LED taillights for the first time on the Fabia. Due to their new shape, they are now made more elongated. The roof edge spoiler is also growing for optimized aerodynamics – in future it will be continued to the side of the rear window with finlets.
Skoda Fabia

The fourth Fabia generation comes with split taillights for the first time.

Both Dimensions the Fabia increases in all directions. With a length of 4108 mm, it exceeds the four-meter mark for the first time – and thus even the Polo. A wheelbase plus of a good nine centimeters also means more space for the rear passengers. By the way is that VW Golf-level trunk: The luggage compartment now swallows 380 instead of 330 liters.

Length: 4108 mm
Broad: 1780 mm
Wheelbase: 2564 mm
Trunk: 380–1190 L.

New generation of the Skoda Fabia with optional digital cockpit

Skoda has modernized the cockpit of the Fabia properly, nothing here reminds of the predecessor. The new edition looks tidy and modern – not least because the dashboard is visually tapering outwards and there are many horizontal lines and different levels. The central ventilation slots, which were previously placed above the central screen, now fit better into the overall picture. They are designed narrower and now under the Infotainment screen to find. It’s now put on and up to 9.2 inches tall. Conventional buttons are no longer available in the top version (which is of course always online), but gesture control and the voice assistant Laura are on board. The wireless smartphone connection and an inductive charging cradle are also available for the medium version with an eight-inch display. The “Swing” radio with a 6.5-inch screen continues to mark the start.
Skoda Fabia

The round ventilation nozzles on the outside and the more elegantly designed elements in the door panels attract attention.

Of course, Skoda has also revised the aging air conditioning control unit of the Fabia, the display now fits more harmoniously into the overall concept. Two-zone automatic air conditioning is now available as an option. Steering wheel and windscreen heating are now also in the surcharge list. Are optional for the first time fully digital instruments with a 10.25 inch screen. The base comes with an analog cockpit and the 3.5-inch information display in between. They are typical of Skoda new Simply Clever features: Holders in the center console hold pens, parking tickets and credit cards. And the Fabia has a flexible storage compartment in the side wall of the trunk.


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Semi-autonomous driving is possible in the new Skoda Fabia

Skoda has a number of innovations among the assistants. Of course, they cost extra: The new “Travel Assist” combines cruise control and lane departure warning – this makes semi-autonomous driving possible. Of course, the system also ensures that the driver keeps his hands on the steering wheel. Once you have reached your destination, the hour strikes new parking assistant. At speeds of up to 40 km / h, it shows suitable parking spaces (lengthways and across) and, if required, also takes over the steering when parking. The “maneuvering brake function” recognizes obstacles in front of or behind the Fabia and brakes automatically. There are nine paint colors in the price list for the small car; two of them can be ordered with a roof in a contrasting color and customized with rims between 14 and 18 inches. To save fuel, there are also aerodynamically optimized wheels. (Click here for the big AUTO BILD summer tire test 2021)

Skoda Fabia

The Fabia comes first in the “Active”, “Ambition” and “Style” equipment, the sporty “Monte Carlo” follows later.

Engines: Exclusively petrol for the Skoda Fabia

As was to be expected, Skoda has too with the new Fabia the diesel engines sorted out. Whether the elderly One liter suction gasoline with five-speed manual transmission and 65 or 80 hp, respectively, had to stay in the program is a matter of opinion. However, the two fit much better One-liter turbos with 95 or 110 hp. There is only the stronger variant with six-speed gearshift or seven-speed DSG, the weaker engine also comes with five-speed gearshift. That preliminary top model is the only four-cylinder and always linked to the DSG – the Fabia has an output of 150 hp, up to 225 km / h and attracts with a standard consumption of 5.6 liters of Super. The Skoda Fabia has copied a trend from higher-class vehicles, because only 40 liters of the 50-liter tank can be used ex works. The additional ten liters of volume can be paid for by Skoda – like some others – for an extra charge.

Driving: Good chassis, but rustic start-stop processes

AUTO BILD has driven the new Fabia. More precisely: the current top model, the 110 hp one-liter three-cylinder with DSG transmission. A familiar combination. After a slight starting weakness, things are going briskly and robustly. The only disturbing seconds are the seconds of thought that the DSG needs until it has sorted itself out when suddenly a service call is made. We would also like the rustic start-stop processes, during which the whole car shakes, to be more polished. There are only positive things to say about the chassis: With a good-natured set-up and nine centimeters longer wheelbase, the Fabia has a lot of compacts in its pocket. In connection with the smooth steering, there is little sporting spirit, but all the more long-distance and everyday suitability.

Skoda Fabia (2021): New presentation – price – station wagon – engines – info

The fourth generation of the Skoda Fabia is growing up

Used cars: The Skoda Fabia is inconspicuous

The Fabia already has its durability at AUTO BILD in 100,000 kilometer endurance test demonstrated. Unfortunately, a cable that was too short prevented a one in the end result. Long distances survive Fabia drivers without major exertion, even if the front seats could be lush, built deeper and a little tighter. Apart from that, the third generation has only minor weaknesses, as our Skoda Fabia used car test shows. However, if you want a diesel, you have to resort to the pre-facelift model. Because from 2018 the diesel engines were deleted without replacement – and they will not return in the successor either. There are used Skoda Fabia with guarantee!

Used Fabia in the AUTO BILD used car market

Technical data Skoda Fabia (2021)

Skoda Fabia 1.0 MPI EVO ● Engine: three-cylinder gasoline engine ● Power: 48 kW (65 hp) ● Maximum torque: 93 Nm ● Transmission: five-speed gearshift ● Top speed: 172 km / h ● Acceleration 0–100 km / h: 15.5 s ● Consumption: 5.1 l / 100 km ● CO2 emissions: 116 -131 g / km ● Price: from 13,990 euros.

Skoda Fabia 1.0 MPI EVO ● Engine: three-cylinder gasoline engine ● Power: 59 kW (80 hp) ● Maximum torque: 93 Nm ● Transmission: five-speed gearshift ● Top speed: 179 km / h ● Acceleration 0–100 km / h: 15.1 s ● Consumption: 5.1 l / 100 km ● CO2 emissions: 116 -131 g / km ● Price: away 16,290 euros.

Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI EVO ● Engine: three-cylinder gasoline engine ● Power: 70 kW (95 hp) ● Maximum torque: 175 Nm ● Transmission: five-speed gearshift ● Top speed: 195 km / h ● Acceleration 0–100 km / h: 10.6 s ● Consumption: 5.1 l / 100 km ● CO2 emissions: 113 -128 g / km ● Price: from 17,590 euros.

Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI EVO ● Engine: three-cylinder gasoline engine ● Power: 81 kW (110 hp) ● Maximum torque: 200 Nm ● Transmission: six-speed gearshift / seven-speed DSG ● Top speed: 205 km / h ● Acceleration 0–100 km / h: 9.7 s (DSG: 9.5 s) ● Consumption: 5th .0 l / 100 km (DSG: 5.5 l / 100 km) ● CO2 emissions: 114-128 g / km (DSG: 125-139 g / km) ● Price: from 19,890 euros.

Skoda Fabia 1.5 TSI EVO ● Engine: four-cylinder gasoline engine ● Power: 110 kW (150 hp) ● Maximum torque: 250 Nm ● Transmission: seven-speed DSG ● Top speed: 225 km / h ● Acceleration 0–100 km / h: 7.9 s ● Consumption: 5.6 l / 100 km ● CO2 emissions: 128 -142 g / km ● Price: from 21,390 euros.

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