Skoda Vision 7S – this is what Skoda’s new SUV looks like!

With the Vision 7S study, Skoda is giving a concrete outlook on the future of the brand and is announcing new all-electric models. The name suggests it – the E-SUV study is a seven-seater, or rather: a 6.5-seater. Because in addition to six full seats, a baby seat is installed in the safest place in the car: on the center console just behind the front seats.


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Well, that’s noted. For the series model that will follow in 2026, we expect a more conventional seat distribution and a three-seater bench in the second row. Because you shouldn’t be fooled by the sheer size and presence of the five-meter giant Vision 7S. Skoda assures that they want to remain practical and affordable. The model portfolio should range from the Fabia to the seven-seater e-SUV.

The Vision 7S shows the typical SUV design features: angular wheel arches, underride protection, burly shape. Striking: the T-shape of the headlights and taillights.

New design for upcoming E-Skoda

Then let’s take a closer look at the Vision 7S. He should set the pace in the design of the new E-models, looks smoother, less angular than, for example, his smaller series brother Enyaq. And he has no Skoda logo on the hood. But a newly designed Skoda lettering, which according to the Czechs should now be used more frequently.

Everything is new underneath, too: the implied grill melts into a narrow strip between the T-shaped headlights and does not house any coolers. Instead, various sensors and a front camera are hidden in the “Tech Deck” – as Skoda calls the black panel. Below the engineering compartment, a colossal skid plate with six vertical slots oozes power.

Even the Skoda Kodiaq is not that big

The sheer size of the Vision 7S then becomes apparent in profile. Round 5.02 meters in length catapult him into the luxury league. A wheelbase of just over three meters (3075 mm) indicates a generously sized interior, even from the outside. We book the sensor door handles installed upright and the doors that open in opposite directions under “show effect” and rather wonder for a moment how normal the 22-inch model appears in view of the dimensions of the Vision 7S.


Largest MEB-based vehicle: the Skoda seven-seater is a real giant at over five meters long!

Important design features such as the planking, the battery cooling disguised as a running board and the triangular D-pillar with Skoda lettering must be mentioned at this point, as well as the strangely filigree-looking camera exterior mirrors. Déjà-vu at the rear: the taillights shine in a T-shape, the apron with seven slots is also familiar from the front.

Loading breaks can be used to relax in the Vision

The doors swing open. Very, very carefully we can get in. Concept cars are hand-built and very fragile. And inside usually a bit exaggerated. This also applies to the Vision 7S. There are individual seats with belts integrated into the seat. And the relax mode, which retracts the steering wheel and dashboard, rotates the seats slightly inwards and aligns the monitor horizontally so that films can be watched together during the loading break.

Yes, this is typical study. But Skoda hasn’t lost its grip on the ground, the Czechs want to remain a “family brand”. The materials in the interior are not only vegan, but also easy to clean.

The operating concept of the Vision 7S is conclusive

The floor made of recycled tires is robust. The Vision 7S is meant to be big, to exude status, but above all it is meant to be a tool, a mobility tool. We take the designers at their word and are not disappointed, especially when it comes to usability.
Skoda Vision 7S cockpit

Flat steering wheel and a new – intuitive – operating concept with a mixture of touch functions and physical buttons and controls.

Under the 14.6-inch vertical touchscreen are six physical shortcut keys – one of which is freely configurable, including three rotary controls. Two for the air conditioning, one for different infotainment functions. Then another roller for the volume. The idea behind this ensemble: The upper area is displayed, the lower area is operated – the further the hand moves towards the center console, the more haptic the operation becomes. Result: less distraction.

In the series, Skoda’s largest electric SUV will probably shine with seven full seats. In the study, six and one baby seat have to suffice.

Because Skoda expects that the next generation of e-Skoda will still be driven normally and will not buzz around by itself. Good to hear with all the autonomous castles in the air of the past few years.

A range of more than 600 kilometers is targeted

And there is also realism in the targeted technical data. The battery size is planned with 89 kWh. And because the Vision 7S is based on the MEB platform, it’s safe to assume that this new big battery is likely to come in other MEB cars as well.


With a range of more than 600 kilometers and a charging capacity of up to 200 kW, long-distance suitability is the declared goal.

The maximum charging power is 200 kW, the range should be over 600 kilometers. That would be a consumption of 14.8 kWh/100 km. Another ambitious goal, especially in this vehicle class.

Skoda’s future plans

And anyone who thinks that three completely new e-Skoda (a compact SUV in Karoq size will start in 2024, followed by a small car SUV in 2025 and the large seven-seater e-SUV is to follow in 2026) is enough for the Czechs, is wrong. Skoda is also going full steam ahead with the combustion engines: the new Superb and the new Kodiaq have already been confirmed for 2023. In 2024 we can expect the Octavia facelift.

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