Skyrim maker is working on game about Indiana Jones

Lucasfilm Games has announced this on Twitter. Lucasfilm Games is ultimately responsible for all games based on Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

The game is made by Machine Games studio, which has been making the latest Wolfenstein games since 2014. Skyrim director Todd Howard is also working on the title as lead producer.

Details about the game are also scarce. A short trailer was shown on Twitter, but it only showed a table with Jones’s hat.

Lucasfilm Games

The game may be the first in a series of new titles to be released under the banner of Lucasfilm Games. The brand was recently introduced, after mainly Star Wars games were released by separate parties for years. Several game studios are still allowed to develop the titles together with Lucasfilm.

The Indiana Jones game is expected to be published by Microsoft, so whether it will be released for PlayStation 5 remains to be seen. Previous Machine Games titles were marketed by Bethesda Softworks, which was bought by the tech giant last year.


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