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SLAM! comes with The Password and awards bitcoin

Unique in the Netherlands: winning a bitcoin with a radio game. Or well, game… ‘The Password’ is called the giveaway SLAM! and Bitcoin Master and you have to be in puzzle mode for a month. The price is therefore not wrong: the crypto coin is already at around 47,000 euros!

You have radio games and you have radio games. And from April 5, you have The Password, where you can win a very special and precious prize. “Bitcoin is the talk of the town and is in the news a lot every day. Our target group, the millennials, is fully engaged with it. I am proud that we are the first radio station in the Netherlands that will give away a bitcoin ”, Martijn Zuurveen, Radio Director RadioCorp, explains the giveaway. “The Dutch love to puzzle and have to look for the password for a month.”

Bitcoin Master

Bitcoin Meester, a platform where you can buy and sell crypto, cannot wait either. “This is the largest bitcoin campaign ever in the Netherlands. We think it will lead to positive buzz and hope that people will see how beautiful and accessible the crypto market is. ”

In the community, someone who works a lot with crypto is called a ‘crypo-enthusiastic’ and Christiaan Jimmink is certainly enthusiastic. “I can talk to you about crypto for hours.” But even in half an hour it becomes clear how beautiful he likes crypto, a word that comes up at least 33 times during the conversation. “It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s interesting, and it’s really not as difficult as is often thought.” Jimmink is a marketing manager at Bitcoin Meester and yes, he also has ‘some crypto’, he reveals when asked. “But I will not say how much!”

Bitcoin winner

It will soon be up to the winner what will be done with the bitcoin. You can ‘draw one on one euros’, as Jimmink puts it in jargon, but you can also sell small pieces of bitcoin. “Just like on the stock exchange, you trade against each other.” But instead of shares, you invest “a little bit in another currency.”

Of course you have to lie down a bit and that can happen early on. Today’s football picture collectors could easily become the great crypto bosses of the future. “You have to have fun buying and trading crypto.” And no, it is really not that complex. “If you look up a few basic things, you can already get started. It is not simple, but it is easy to understand. You really don’t have to be deep in IT or anything, that’s the biggest fable I would like to tackle. ”


He also notices around him that crypto still raises question marks and furrowed eyebrows for many people. In the past, or at least a few years ago – although that is indeed a long time ago in the crypto world – crypto was therefore often associated with money laundering and criminals. Das war einmal. “Now good rules have been agreed with the Dutch Central Bank and all services are neatly registered.” No more Wild West practices, “not for nothing that big boys like Tesla and PayPal are now getting in.” And that is good news for the crypto community, because the more money is involved, the more valuable your bitcoins become. “Just like with stocks.”

The more the better

The more crypto souls, the more joy. It is therefore high time to get out and about with promotion and branding. Bitcoin Masters has already appeared on the billboards of the semifinal of the KNVB Cup competition, and that is just the beginning. They are going for full crypto acceptance, as he calls it. “We want crypto to become normal and to be on the boards everywhere next to KPN.”

The currency now stands at around 47,000 euros, and counting, he predicts. “There is now a very positive uptrend going on, which will probably only increase the value.”

Of course you can never be sure, and the crypto platform regularly posts ‘gambling polls’ on their Twitter, “but that Tesla has invested one and a half billion in it says something.” There is therefore a good chance that bitcoin will be heading towards 50,000 euros at the end of April, when the winner of the giveaway is announced.

The sound

The Sound is nothing to it, the crypto enthusiast agrees with a laugh. “Seriously, this competition is something completely new. Never before has there been such a big bitcoin campaign in the Netherlands, and that makes it so very exciting. ”

The promotion runs from Monday 5 to Thursday 29 April and is played every day of the week on SLAM !. The final will be on April 29 and it will become clear who will win the bitcoin.

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Unique giveaway: guess The Password and win a bitcoin on the radio


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