Small coupes for everyone: AUTO BILD KLASSIK 11/2021

In the new AUTO BILD KLASSIK let’s admire five coupés from the 60s and 70s, then and now the dream of ordinary people. So much charm, so much sportsmanship and joy for still little money: The VW Karmann Ghia, Opel Kadett B Coupé, Peugeot 304, Fiat 128 SP Berlinetta and Simca 1200 S Coupé are still stylish people today. We compare them extensively in the magazine! Who will win the race – and other exciting classic topics – you can read in issue 11/2021!

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Opel Kadett B LS

One of the classic coupés of the 1960s and 1970s: The Opel Kadett B – in AUTO BILD KLASSIK 11/2021.

Further topics in AUTO BILD KLASSIK 11/2021: Off-road vehicle of the 80s: Toyota Land Cruiser J70, Mitsubishi Pajero L040, Nissan Patrol 160, Isuzu Trooper and Daihatsu Wildcat F70 in historical comparison tests. • Race for the best security car: Volvo pioneered experimental vehicles in the 1970s • Hitler’s motor men: The National Socialist Motor Corps is considered a comparatively harmless motor sport troop – a legend • Theft protection: Effective prevention against oldtimer theft • Opinion: Is cleaning the classic car fun? • History faked: Whirl around alleged Steve McQueen Mustang • Barn finds on offer: There are now 174 cars for sale • Yokes Mass turns 75: From Capri to the premier class – a look back at a German racing career • Benze in blue-beige: Why color fetishist Fred Oehmke from Berlin has more than 15 Mercedes in this color combination • Herbal Artist: Christoph Schwarz grows rosemary in a Peugeot • Dealer check: Incognito visit to the Oldtimermuseum AG in Nideggen-Embken • Lacquer sealing: A professional preserves our endurance test Granada – and polishes it to a high gloss! • Screwdriver: Twelve sets in a large product test. Good quality is available for little money! • Inspiration for the Volkswagen: Josef Ganz’s “cockchafer” has appeared again • Audi S1: In a group B monster through the mountains – Rally legend Stig Blomqvist gives full throttle again in the Maritime Alps • Bentley Turbo R: Is it really that expensive to maintain? • Classified ads / test drives: Jaguar Mark 2, Lancia Thema, TVR 350i and a surprisingly good Audi 80 B1.

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