Small family reunion leads to dozens of corona cases

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In the United States, the traditional Thanksgiving festival takes place on November 26th. Despite the pandemic, many celebrations are expected across the country on the holiday, where the whole family will gather. A family from Arlington in the US state of Texas has now learned firsthand that such gatherings among family members can be dangerous even on public holidays.

After a birthday party, over a dozen of the family members said they tested positive for Covid-19. Alexa Aragonez told the US daily “The Fort Worth Star-Telegram” that a dozen of her family members gathered for a small birthday party in early November. She did not attend the party herself.

After the meeting, some members felt “sick” and everyone decided to get tested for the coronavirus. 15 family members – including all twelve participants in the party and three other people – tested positive, reported “The Star-Telegram”. Aragonez mother was therefore the only member who was hospitalized.

“In retrospect, we took every precaution,” said Aragonez. “We want to get the message across that nobody is immune. But if you stay at home, you can prevent the spread of Covid-19. “

The family shared a video on the City of Arlington’s Twitter account asking the public to take care of themselves and those around them during the pandemic. “Please don’t be like my family and ignore the guidelines,” says Aragonez in the video.

Thanksgiving as a possible super spreader event

The news comes after several states tightened travel and gathering restrictions, and the US sees record spikes in coronavirus infections. According to a recent national survey, despite advice to the contrary, nearly 40 percent of Americans plan Thanksgiving meetings with at least ten people.

Both leading U.S. infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose own children will not be visiting him on Thanksgiving, and CDC director Robert Redfield have warned that small indoor gatherings will further increase Covid-19 Cases across the country will result. The CDC recommends that people hold outdoor gatherings whenever possible.


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According to the CDC, over 50 percent of corona transmission comes from asymptomatic people. Fauci warned that “gatherings of friends and family who meet for dinner indoors because of the cold weather are becoming a major source of asymptomatic spread,” previously reported.

“These family reunions then go like this: six, eight, ten people come together at someone’s home, there is one person who is asymptomatic and infected, and then suddenly four or five people in this group are infected,” said Fauci last year Month. “That’s exactly the scenario we’re going to see on Thanksgiving.

In total, over twelve million Americans have been infected with the corona virus since the outbreak of the pandemic. Johns Hopkins University has recorded over 256,000 deaths.

This article was translated from English by Klemens Handke. You can find the original here.


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