Small OLED – small price: LG CX with 48 inches at the best price of € 1,299

Has never been cheaper – the 48 inch LG 4K OLED TV for only 1,299 euros!

The top offer for the weekend! The price of the “small” LG OLED TV OLED48CX9LB with 48 inches has been reduced again! MediaMarkt and Saturn attract with a previous best price of 1,299 euros!

Are you one of those bargain hunters who have mastered the art of self-control? Your training is now paying off! The 48 inch OLED TV from LG Electronics (OLED48CX9LB) is now available at the absolute best price of 1,299 euros! According to the price comparison on, the OLED has never been cheaper!

As with all top offers, the allotment can run out quickly, so don’t wait too long. We speculate that the markets and possibly LG Electronics would like to adjust the market so that the previous year’s models are almost everywhere out of stock to make room for the new goods. Many speculated on the 48 inch CX model at low prices of around 1,000 euros, but this never happened. And since in many cases the 55-inch version of the CX (2020 model) had the same or even a cheaper price, many opted for the larger version.

LG 48 inch OLED – perfect for PC & gaming

The 48-inch device may be smaller, but thanks to its more compact format it shines especially in small rooms or as a monitor for the PC. We are currently using our 48-inch CX series as a PC monitor and for gaming with reduced seat spacing (maybe 2.5 meters). The screen size makes sense for an OLED TV in many respects and we can only recommend the model due to its good features.

In addition to a 4K OLED display with perfect black level, “infinite” contrast and precise color reproduction, the user also gets the latest HDMI 2.1 standard (four connections). This means that images are in 4K @ 120Hz with HDR via PC or game consoles (PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X) possible! There are also established standards such as HDR10, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Apple AirPlay 2, WiSa and many more.

What are you waiting for?


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