Smart battery-powered doorbells: which one is the best?

The three camera doorbells we tested don’t film 24/7. That makes sense, because otherwise the batteries would quickly run out. By only filming when they detect a movement, they can last up to six months before you have to charge them. The cheap WUUK doorbell even promises a battery life of 8 months. But everything depends on how sensitive you set the motion sensors.

In the video we explain the differences and we also compare the video quality and user-friendliness of these smart doorbells.

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An overview of the most important specifications.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Price: € 229

Camera: 1920×1080 (9:16)

Viewing angle: 160 degrees horizontal

Storage: 30 days of storage for € 30 per year

Smarthome: Alexa

Eufy Video Doorbell

Price: € 200

Camera: 2560×1920 (4: 3)

Viewing angle 120 degrees horizontal

Storage: 16GB on the supplied base station

Smarthome: Google Home, Alexa

WUUK Smart Doorbell

Price: € 110

Camera: 1536×1536 (4: 3)

Viewing angle 162 degrees

Storage: local SD card + 48 hours cloud (free)

Smarthome: Google Home, Alexa


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