Smart free tools make Windows better

Do you know Desk Drive? Or Osrik? Probably not – because we have collected largely unknown free pearls that improve Windows.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 were successful operating systems. Compared to the slow Vista or the crash-friendly predecessors, there is not much to improve on Microsoft Windows. But the current MS operating system Windows 10 is far from perfect. We have therefore collected helpful free programs that turn the right screw and make Windows a bit better. We deliberately avoided using well-known tools that are probably already doing their job on your hard drive anyway. Bet you don’t even know half of these programs?

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But our gallery doesn’t just offer autostart accelerators. With the SystemRescueCd rescue CD, you can take precautions if Windows does not start again. Use the disc to save important data from the hard drive and then try to repair Windows. Because caution is better than forbearance, you should always have such a rescue disc in the drawer. And the optics are also taken care of in the gallery: For example, replace the background image with the Windows login. Who wants to see the same picture booting for years?


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