Smart grilling: optimize your inner grill master

Normal grilling was yesterday, smart grilling is the future. The barbecue season has started despite all restrictions – whether in the garden or on the balcony. You can still optimize and above all digitize your grill skills for 2020. There are not only apps for preparing the feast, but even more technology – namely smart grills.

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Smart grilling: This is how tomorrow’s grilling works

The smart solution from Weber

The Weber classic is now also available in smart. At least almost, because the grill as such remains analog and is only upgraded to a smart existence with an app and accessories. Under “Weber Connect”, the company markets a grill hub that is connected to the smartphone via the appropriate app.

The grill hub consists of a meat and ambient temperature sensor that determines when the grill is hot enough for your meal. If the feeler is in the meat, the device tells you when your meat is cooked – exactly as you like it. You can check on your mobile phone at any time how far your food is, when you have to turn it and when the time for the ideal cooking level has expired. Also on board is step-by-step instructions for preparation and serving.

  • Tip: Alternatively, the Weber iGrill mini thermometer is also suitable. It can also be connected to the smartphone and keeps an eye on the cooking process.

Weber Connect is Bluetooth- and WLAN-compatible, compatible with iOS and Android and all grills. However, as the manufacturer emphasizes, compatibility with devices from Xiaomi and Huawei cannot be guaranteed. Weber does not give the reason for this. When asked, it was simply said that the company wanted to concentrate on Android and iOS as common operating systems. Weber could not answer why Xiaomi and Huawei are partially left out.

Vaustil Primero smart – with app connection

The grill company Vaustil also offers a smart solution to help you grill. Unlike Weber, the smart technology is integrated in the grill itself. The Vaustil Primero smart is a grill with a classic design: a grillage is on top, but the height is adjustable. Charcoal or briquettes can be placed in the belly of the Vaustil grill, which can be fired up to 700 degrees and fall into an ash drawer after grilling. So that the grill master or his helpers do not burn their hands during the preparation, the grill is double-walled and provided with a burn protection.

What actually makes the Vaustil Primero smart smart? The company provides the grill with and without a “smart upgrade”, as it says on the website. If necessary, you can retrofit your grill. In the smart version, there are five sensors in the grill itself that monitor the temperature of the grillage. You can use this to receive additional tips via the app: The assistant indicates the optimal height for your food, when the correct temperature is reached or exceeded.

If you want to prepare your meat even better, Vaustil also offers a penetration thermometer. So you also get the temperature of the meat as well as further information on the preparation on your smartphone.

Sage Smart Grill Pro for balconies

Those who are not fans of charcoal or want to grill on a balcony can use contact grills. With the Smart Grill Pro, Sage offers a smart alternative – at least when it comes to the manufacturer. The smart element here consists of the smart temperature sensor built into the grill. The sensor detects the development of heat and shows on the display on the front of the grill when the meat has to rest or be turned over. The smartphone and the connection via app are left out.

Apart from that, the Smart Grill Pro offers typical setting options, such as specific presettings for different types of meat. The area can be enlarged by opening the grill; the grill plates are removable.

Tefal Optigrill Smart

Tefal has another contact grill in his luggage. The Optigrill Smart can be largely controlled from the smartphone. Once you have installed the appropriate app, your smartphone connects to the grill. Using the dashboard of the app, you have various options for operating the Optigrill Smart: For example, you can select preset programs for different types of food and control the cooking levels.

Tefal came up with a special treat: if you close the grill lid, it automatically recognizes the thickness of the meat. The Optigrill Smart selects the right cooking level to match this. The app also provides cooking tips, recipes and step-by-step instructions. Apart from that, the Optigrill Smart from Tefal works like the standard contact grills.


Grill apps: accessories for your smart barbecue evening

Preparation is everything: the party planner

In addition to smart grills that can be operated via smartphone or at least have smart functions, there are also apps tailored to the grill. Preparation is important – especially if you are grilling for several people. The Party Planner app supports you in this: As the name suggests, you can use it to plan how many people are coming or to put together drinks and food ingredients. You can divide your guests into different categories – for example based on certain preferences.

In addition, the “Party Planner” uses the registered guests to calculate the quantities you need to buy – both in terms of drinks and food. The app is available free of charge – but only in Apple’s App Store.

Creative grill ideas: grill recipes

There are many recipe apps – but the “grill recipes” app is only dedicated to barbecuing. The app advertises with 5,000 recipes from various categories. In addition to the standard recipes, brave grillers will also find what they are looking for. The app offers grill recipes for kangaroo fillets, pheasants or seafood.

If you are looking for certain cultures or regions, you can filter the recipes according to them or by main ingredients or preparation. In addition, “grill recipes” offers a converter for units of measurement and temperatures. The app is only available for Android smartphones and not free of charge. You have to pay 1.19 euros to access the recipes.

Grilled food for everyone: vegan grilling

In addition to steaks and other meat, vegetables and fruit can also be grilled. If this is too boring for you, you can use the “Vegan grill” app to get creative with many recipe ideas. You will find recipes on how to make mushroom burgers, grill balsamic eggplants or Asian vegetable parcels.

In addition, the app offers a shopping list function with which you can easily plan your barbecue evening and go shopping for it. “Vegan grill” is only available for iOS users in the App Store for 2.29 euros.

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