Smart investing would rather peak late than early

Since last Monday, November 1, the RTL Z Beursspel has started with a sound of the gong at Beurssplein 5. We are less than a week away when more than 6,000 budding investors are already participating. You can still register during the entire game period.

In this broadcast Jim Tehupuring discusses stock market news from America. Where the government pumped into the economy up to 120 billion dollars a month, the decision has been taken to reduce support by 15 billion dollars a month. A signal that things are going well. In the run-up to the decision, the stock market immediately fell, but there was soon a return to positive sentiment. Is this good or bad for the stock market? Jim explains.

Further in this episode we explain whether saving is better than investing or vice versa. Trade fair commentator Durk comes with the classic ‘peak late.’ And if we look at the strategy of the Stock Market Game Leader: 32% return in a few days, what’s the secret?

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