Smart people never talk about these 3 topics in public

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Our world is populated by a wide variety of people – with different IQs. Almost everyone would like to claim to be intelligent, but extremely intelligent people in particular sometimes have a hard time.

Nevertheless: especially in a professional context, a bit of brains doesn’t hurt at all. Less intelligent people have habits that instantly reveal them as such and that can be very detrimental in some situations.

The wheat from the chaff is usually separated from the chaff, especially when it comes to choosing a topic in conversations. Because there are things that intelligent people never talk about in public – especially not with people who are not very close to them.

Here you are:

1. Relationship problems

When we are in a crisis situation with our partner, we often feel the urge to share our worries with someone. Most of the time we feel better immediately when we no longer carry our anger around with us alone.

But that is a topic that generally does not belong in public. It’s not even any of your colleagues, with whom you spend most of the week next to. Because even if you may feel relieved for a moment after you have given your anger an outlet, it can quickly lead to even more anger in the end.

Smart people would never reveal details about their relationship that no longer pass as trivial. The really tough topics such as permanent points of contention, everyday worries or even intimate problems only belong in your own four walls.

The reason for this is that such information can open doors that you would rather keep closed. If you do not know your counterpart inside and out, you do not know for sure what will happen to this information. Smart people are aware that public gossip about their partner can endanger their relationship.

The same also applies to family problems. Whether it concerns your own parents or your in-laws – you better exercise discretion.

2. Diseases

You shouldn’t be surprised, but nobody wants to know if you have irritable bowel syndrome. And more importantly, nobody should know that you suspect your colleague of having one.

Illnesses should never be discussed outside the family. This is especially true for serious illnesses that can quickly lead to prejudice from others. Or to pity. Both of these suddenly influence how someone is perceived and judged.

Intelligent people therefore know that they should be sparing with medical information and really should only go public with an illness if it is really necessary. This does not only apply to diseases that you yourself suffer from. Even those of the partner, for example, have lost nothing in most circles. Those affected should always be able to decide for themselves whether they want to talk about it or prefer to keep quiet.

3. Goals and dreams

Everyone has them and should guard them like the apple of their eye: goals in life and dearest dreams.

Intelligent people don’t gossip in public about these intimate things for several reasons. Those who are still far from realizing their goals can quickly look like a dreamer who fantasizes about utopian things. In a professional context, in particular, you can get the wrong one.

In addition, such details offer a target for attack. Not everyone just wants the best for you, intelligent people are always aware of that.

In the meantime, studies have shown that it is not a good idea to trumpet your personal goals everywhere. According to a study by New York University, it is even less likely that you will actually achieve your goals if you have discussed them in detail beforehand.

Smart people prefer to keep this information to themselves and present their results when they have put their plans into action. Until then, it is wiser to only make your own goals and dreams an issue in the closest circle.

This article was published by in August 2019. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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