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Are you looking for sayings about intelligence and stupidity? Then you’ve come to the right place – have fun!

We have put together funny sayings on the topics of intelligence and stupidity, often garnished with a touch of irony, which you can share on Whatsapp, Intagram, Facebook & Co.!

Funny intelligence / stupidity sayings for Whatsapp, Instagram & Co.

You can easily use the following sayings by copy & paste. Or let it inspire you to create your own clever text. You can then share this directly in Whatsapp chat and status or another platform. Maybe garnished with some matching emojis.

  • Intelligence is the ability to accept one’s surroundings.

  • As a bystander, what do you actually say on the subject of “intelligence”?

  • The intelligence runs after me … but I am faster!

  • The intelligence on this planet is a constant. The population is growing.

  • When stupidity laughs, intelligence is silent.

  • It’s very hard not to be a smartass when everyone else around you is so stupid.

  • Jellyfish lived without a brain for 60 million years. That gives hope to many people!

  • The advantage of a pepper over humans: you can at least fill its hollowness with mince!

  • I know a lot of stupid people, but someone always breaks the high score!

  • There are opinions in the brain, facts just don’t get there!

  • I hate it when people confuse education and intelligence. You can have a bachelor’s degree and still be an idiot. (Elon Musk)

  • Creativity is intelligence that is fun. (Albert Einstein)

  • The sign of true intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination. (Albert Einstein)

  • We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon. (Konrad Adenauer)

  • That’s the whole shame: the stupid are so sure and the clever are so full of doubt. (Helmut Schmidt)

  • The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius knows its limits.

  • If you can’t convince them with knowledge, then confuse them with bullshit.

  • I know people who should just sleep on their backs. Otherwise, if you lie on your side, your pea brain could roll out of your ear.

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