Smartphone app translates cat’s meow into human language

The MeowTalk app was created by a former Amazon software maker who also tinkered with smart assistant Alexa. It can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

Users of the app can record the specific meow sounds of their cats when they are hungry or angry, for example, so that the app can identify this at later times.

Artificial intelligence teaches the app to identify meow sounds similar to the recorded audio. As a result, the app must eventually be able to better translate what a cat means.

Smart collar

That way, the app can translate the animal sounds into 13 different phrases, including “feed me”, “I’m angry” and “leave me alone”.

The maker wants to eventually release a smart collar that works together with the app. A built-in speaker must translate the meowing live, so that passers-by can understand the animals more easily.


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