Smartphone market: Android loses, iOS wins

Android’s market share has been slowly eroding for four years. Apple was able to catch up in the middle class.

Admittedly, the distribution of Android and iOS market shares are still not equal: Google’s operating system currently has 69.74 percent, iOS – 25.49 percent, reports “” . The rest falls on exotic operating systems like Samsung’s own. If you look at the development over several years, you can see that Android is slowly but surely losing its market share. As recently as July 2018, Android was installed on 77.32 percent of all smartphones, while iOS was on 19.4 percent of all smartphones. So Android has lost almost seven percentage points of market share in the past four years, Apple’s system – gained six percent.

Apple is expanding its portfolio

This development has already become apparent in recent years, so we reported in 2021 that many Android users are increasingly switching to the iPhone 12. The reason was probably the introduction of the 5G modem and the new design, which was quite similar to the original iPhone 4. The second generation of the iPhone SE from 2020 also contributed to the fact that many owners of the old iPhone models, but also Android users, switched to the SE.

All in all, the figures show an understandable development, our problem with this is that the authors of the blog post do not provide any sources for their analyses. “” is a news site that mostly writes about financial apps, so unlike App Annie, it doesn’t have any other data. There is a screenshot of a Statista graphic on the website, but with our pro account with the statistics service we couldn’t find a corresponding graphic that can serve as a source.

However, the numbers can be verified by the provider Statscounter: According to this, Android will have 71.7 percent of all market shares on the global smartphone market in March 2022, iOS will have 27.57 percent. The rest of the operating systems come to just under one percent of the smartphone market. If you switch to the year 2018, a different picture emerges: Android was at 76.99 percent in June 2018, iOS at 18.91 percent, the same trend as in the alleged Statista chart. However, you can rely on the data from Statscounter: The company offers a kind of website analytics and, according to its own statements, analyzes the data from two million websites.

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