Smartphone move: How to take your data with you

After buying a new smartphone, it is important to transfer all data from the old device to the new one. We help further.

If you have a new smartphone, you want to be able to continue using your data on it as before. This applies above all to contacts, messages, apps, music, photos, videos and calendar entries. We explain which transmission types you can use here and what you have to consider. So the move is very easy.

From iPhone to Android

You were previously an iPhone owner and now want to move all of your data to your new Android smartphone? Then you can choose between different transmission methods.

Data transfer with Dr. Fone phone transfer

With Mobiletrans for PC and Mac, data transfer works without any problems.

When moving from iPhone to an Android smartphone, the application Dr. Fone phone transfer from the provider Wondershare. Practical: The program is available for both Windows computers and Macs. Use it to move contacts, SMS messages, call histories, calendars and multimedia files to the new phone. In the free trial version, however, only five contacts can be transferred. With an additional download, you can even transfer WhatsApp chats.

First install the software on your computer. Then connect both the iPhone and the Android device to the computer and start Dr. Fone. Prerequisite: You must have Apple’s iTunes management software installed on your computer so that you can send files from or to an iOS device. In addition, activate “USB debugging” on your android.

You must activate USB debugging for the data transfer to work.

On Android 8 you will find this option under “Settings -> System -> Developer Options -> Debugging -> USB Debugging”. If you cannot access the developer options, you have to activate them beforehand. You can do this under “Over the phone”. Scroll to the “Build number” item and tap it seven times in total. You will then receive confirmation that you are now a “developer”. Then choose Dr. Fone out the data to be copied. Click on “Copy”; the program then sends the data of the iOS phone to the androids. Of course, this process also works in reverse. So if you want to switch back to an iPhone, you can use Dr. Fone also transferred in the other direction.

Android 10:

The best tips and tricks including Easter Egg

Manufacturer transfer solutions

With the Samsung Smart Switch app you can easily transfer all data.

The large manufacturers of Android smartphones also offer practical programs for data transfer, but usually require backup data in the iCloud. With Samsung Smart Switch, Samsung has a moving tool ready for new Samsung smartphone owners. The program is for both Windows and Mac available for free. With the tool, you can transfer your app lists, browser bookmarks, documents, settings, photos and videos, background images, calendar entries, contacts, memos, music, telephone protocols, SMS and MMS, voice messages and WLAN passwords. In addition to the PC application, Samsung provides the user with a practical app as an alternative.

Install the application for data migration

Samsung Smart Switch
from the Google Play Store on your new Samsung device and open it. Decide whether you want to transfer the content wirelessly or via USB cable, and then select the “Receive” option. Then select “iOS” as the old device and tap “Start”. Now log in with your Apple ID and password. The app now shows you the content that you can import from iCloud. Select the desired elements and confirm the synchronization via the “Import” option.

If you have decided to buy a Sony device, Sony will provide you with the program

Xperia Transfer Mobile
to disposal. Using the application, you can transfer contact information, messages, bookmarks, iTunes music, photos, videos, etc. to your new Xperia device. The desktop client

Xperia Companion
for your Windows computer or Mac you should also download. Before you can use the data transfer program, you need to backup your iPhone using iTunes.

Manufacturer HTC makes it equal to the competition and provides owners of its own devices with the

HTC Sync Manager
for data transmission to the side. Here too, contacts, calendar entries, bookmarks, documents, photos, videos and even iTunes playlists can be transferred to the new HTC device. A prerequisite here is that you have previously backed up your iPhone.

Transfer contacts and calendars via Gmail

If you only want to take your contacts and calendar entries with you on your new Android smartphone, you can transfer them here

at. To do this, set up a Google account on your iPhone under “Settings ->” Accounts & passwords “-> Add account”. Here you create a new Google account or enter the login data of an existing account. Then you have to activate the options “Mail”, “Contacts” and “Calendar” in a next step. The synchronization then starts automatically. Now log in with the account data on the Google account of your new android. The required data are then automatically synchronized.

Data transfer with cloud services

Install the Google Drive app on your iPhone.


Install the Google Drive app on your iPhone.

In order to keep your photo gallery up-to-date on all devices used, a cloud service can be used. An example of such a service is

Google photos
, a part of

Google Drive
. Install the app on your iPhone, and then open it. Now swipe the screen from left to right to open the application menu. Tap the small gear icon in the top right of the menu window. Here you will find the “Backup” option. You then have the option of backing up all your contacts saved on iPhone in Google Contacts, all calendar appointments in Google Calendar, and all photos and videos in Google Photos. This process can take several hours. To then make the images available on the new Android device, all you have to do is log in with the Google account you just used.

Transfer music manually

To manually transfer your music from iPhone to Android device, first connect your iPhone to the PC. Then open iTunes and click your iPhone at the top. Now open the “Music” folder and copy the albums, playlists or individual songs that you want to transfer to the desktop of your PC. Then connect your Android smartphone to your computer using a USB cable and open the internal memory of your device via Explorer. If you have to give permission here, do so. Then open the Music folder and copy or move the selected songs onto the desktop.

Android to Android

Have you already used an Android device and want to move all your data to a new Android smartphone? There are also different solutions here, all of which are similarly effective.

Data transfer via Google account

All data can be easily transferred using the Google account.


All data can be easily transferred using the Google account.

In order to transfer your calendar entries, addresses, emails, notes etc. using the Google account, the corresponding data must be synchronized with the cloud. To do this, open the Settings app on your old device and scroll to “Users and accounts” or “Accounts”. Then tap your Google account and “Account sync”. Use the slider to determine which data – such as documents, music, emails, Google Fit data, calendars etc. – Android should back up online in your Google Drive account. The data comparison then starts.

If you now set up your new Android smartphone, proceed as follows: Switch on your device for the first time. Start setting up your device and log in to your WiFi. In the step “Another device available?”, Choose the option “Copy Google accounts, apps and data from another device” or similar. Now all you have to do is register your new device in your WLAN and then enter the registration data for your Google account. The cloud data is then uploaded automatically. Then finish setting up your android.

Confirm the transfer process with the


Confirm the transfer process with the “Copy” button.

Data transfer via NFC and Bluetooth

In the Google settings you will find the option


In the Google settings you will find the option “Set up a nearby device”.

Your data can also be transferred to the new Android device via NFC and Bluetooth. Here too, start your new device for the first time, start with the setup and then select the item: “Android device: If you have an old device available.” Now log in to your WLAN and then follow the instructions Steps given by your new device: Open the “Google” item in the Settings app on your old smartphone and scroll down to the “Set up nearby device” item. Then start searching for nearby devices and then select your new smartphone. Now you have to confirm a code that appears on the two screens of the mobile devices and that has to match. Then confirm the transfer process with the “Copy” button.

Software and cloud

In addition to transmission via Google account, NFC and Bluetooth, there are various other options for data transfer to choose from. You can also access PC programs like Dr. Fone phone transfer, manual data transfer, cloud providers as well as the manufacturer’s own solutions fall back on, which we have already discussed in detail in the section “From iPhone to Android smartphone”.

Extra: Transfer WhatsApp history

Back up your Whatsapp chat history using Google Drive.


Back up your Whatsapp chat history using Google Drive.

In order to move your entire Whatsapp chat history to your new Android device, you first have to create a backup with Google Drive on the old smartphone. To do this, open the settings in the Whatsapp menu, then tap on the item “Chats” and then on “Chat Backup”. Now you can see when the app last saved your communication history. If necessary, update the backup. Now pick up your new smartphone, install the Whatsapp application, and then open it. Provide your phone number for setup. Whatsapp now suggests that you restore your chats and media from backup as long as you use the same phone number and Gmail address. Here, tap on the “Grant authorization” button.

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