Smartphones significantly reduced at Pentecost

All offers in the smartphone campaigns from MediaMarkt and Saturn are valid over the long weekend and end no later than Tuesday morning, June 2, at 9:00 a.m. The best smartphone deals in advance:




More smartphones, for example from Hauwei, Wiko, Cat, LG or Nokia, can be found on the offers page.

(Promotion also valid at

You can also find other special offers in other areas in the daily changing daily offer of the “Family Days” or in the “Weekend Deals” from Saturn.

A quick check of the smartphone offers at MediaMarkt

We took a closer look at the offers indicated above and show what is really in the deals.

Galaxy Week – discount on all Samsung smartphones

There is still a fixed discount of almost 16 percent on all available Galaxy smartphones in the “Galaxy Week” campaign.

Highlights are the Galaxy S20 for less than 700 euros or the S20 + for less than 800 euros. The one-year-old S10 +, one of the best smartphones 2019, is available for well under 600 euros.

You can find more information on the “VAT campaign” and why you “only” save 16 instead of the advertised 19 percent in the extra article on Galaxy Week, which also runs a little longer.

Samsung lettering through a smartphone

Apple iPhones on offer

Some iPhones are also on offer at MediaMarkt this weekend. The iPhone 11 is in the variant with 128 GB storage space for 777 euros available (current best price), but not at the ultimate low price.

Nevertheless: If you have already taken a look at the model, you can go for the offer. In general, the 128 GB version is more recommended than that 64 GB variant (719 euros). The surcharge is low for Apple standards and the times when 64 GB of storage are sufficient are over. As is known, Apple does not offer memory expansion.

→ To the offer: iPhone 11 (128 GB) for 777 euros

If you prefer an OLED display and even more memory, a look at the previous year’s model can be worth it: That iPhone XS is 256 GB large storage for likewise 777 euros on offer. The advantages are apparent. The biggest disadvantages are – if you will – the processor that is one year older and the camera that is less mature by one year of development.

→ To the offer: iPhone XS (256 GB) for 777 euros

Google smartphones: Pixel 3a XL and 4 XL on offer

At MediaMarkt the Google Pixel 4 XL is now on offer – the larger version of the current flagship for 625 euros. Not a bad price for the cell phone that came on the market a little more than half a year ago for 850 euros. The price comparison also says: This is the best price, although not a low price – there was once the Pixel 4 XL for 600 euros.

→ To the offer: Pixel 4 XL for 625 euros

The Pixel 3a XL is available in the middle class. For 345 euros there is the cell phone, which is technically a bit slimmer, but also plays unrivaled in the Android area with the software promise. Here, too, MediaMarkt offers the current best price (price comparison).

→ To the offer: Pixel 3a XL for 345 euros

Google Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3a main camera

You have to love the Google smartphones and know what you are getting into. This is not only demonstrated by the long-term test of the Pixel 4, in which the bottom line of the smartphone comes off quite well. The smartphones in the flagship range are equipped to a high standard and yet are unique in their own way. The biggest selling point is certainly the software and the resulting harmony of hardware and software. In addition, Google has always been a camera specialist.

Google Pixel 4 in orange

The offers – with the exception of the Galaxy Week deals – are valid until Tuesday, 9:00 a.m. So they are valid for the entire long weekend – unless they are sold out beforehand. There are no shipping costs.


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