SMEs with higher energy consumption receive extra compensation

State secretaries Hans Vijlbrief (Finance, D66) and Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius (Economic Affairs and Climate, VVD) wrote this in a letter to the House of Representatives on Friday afternoon.

125 million

In this way, the cabinet is meeting the wishes of the House of Representatives, which felt that SMEs with higher energy consumption received too little compensation.

125 million euros will be made available for the extra compensation. No extra money is made available for this, but the budget for tax relief on energy bills is distributed differently. This is somewhat at the expense of households that consume a lot of energy and companies that use relatively little energy.

400 euros remains

According to the two state secretaries, little will change for a household with an average energy consumption. The compensation for a household with an average consumption remains ‘almost equal’ to the previously announced 400 euros, the letter to parliament states.

The cabinet announced in mid-October that it is compensating families and companies for their suddenly increased energy bill.

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