Snapchat is coming to PCs — but with limitations at first

With Snapchat for Web, the messenger service can now also be used on the PC – but initially only in selected countries and only with Chrome.

After the messenger Snapchat was only available for smartphones and tablets for more than a decade, the software is now making the leap to the PC. With Snapchat for Web, Snapchat is currently testing a web interface that can also be used on the PC, which can be useful when typing longer texts, for example.

Only in selected countries for the time being

Snapchat for Web is currently available as a trial only in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia. While the service is free for users in New Zealand and Australia, Snapchat members in the northern hemisphere must subscribe to Snapchat+ for the web version. The service costs $4 a month.

Limited browser support

Another limitation of Snapchat for Web is browser support. Only Google Chrome is currently supported. Live video chats with groups or individual members, individual chats with photos and videos as well as the well-known filters are available via the web interface. The Lenses will also follow shortly. According to Snapchat, Snapchat for Web may be available to members worldwide later this year. A start date for Germany, specific prices and details of extended browser support are not yet known.

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