Snapchat is going to pay you for popular snaps

Snapchat comes with a new (TikTok-like) feature and it even wants to pay you for that. The new feature is called Spotlight and literally puts the most popular public snaps in the spotlight. To encourage people to share their snaps, it will distribute $ 1 million ($ 840,000) every day to the creators of the most popular videos of the day.

With Spotlight, Snapchat is taking it a step further in making public snaps and also moving a step closer to TikTok. You could already make public snaps via the Snap Map. On it you could see the posts of different people in certain locations. But with Spotlight, you are supposed to be able to see the snaps of anyone, anywhere in the world.


Everyone nowadays comes with a TikTok-like feature, so Snapchat couldn’t be left behind either. Spotlight becomes a page where you can view the most popular public snaps.

According to Snapchat itself, this will not only be about the snaps of the most popular profiles and famous people. By using an algorithm that mainly looks at how many likes a snap gets, but also how many people are fully watching the video, it would be possible to get a popular snap as a mere mortal. And you can even earn money with that.

1 million dollars a day

To promote the Spotlight page, Snapchat promises to distribute a million dollars (840,000 euros) daily among the most popular snaps on the page. This will involve amounts of at least $ 250 (approximately € 211) of the total pot of one million per day.

For the time being, only residents of the United States older than 16 years of age have a chance to receive this contribution. It is not yet clear whether you will also be able to earn money with Spotlight in our country.


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