Snapper: Your own mail domain for a one-time fee of 25 cents at Strato Mail4You

With Mail4You, Strato is only offering the opportunity for a short time to get your own mail domain for just 25 cents. But there is a small catch with this really cheap offer.

Under the motto Mail4You, Strato currently offers the possibility to create your own mail domain for only 25 cents once – for your own mail domain that is really cheap. So you get your own desired email address according to this scheme:

. The ending is always .de, another ending such as .com or .info costs extra. The prerequisite is, of course, that the mail domain, i.e. the part after “@”, is still free. The special offer is limited: Mail4You can only be booked until the end of September 2022 for a one-off fee of 25 cents.

This is what Mail4You offers

The mailbox for your own mail domain includes 250 MB of memory. That’s really little, for comparison: With Googlemail and you have 15 GB each. But your data is stored at Mail4You on servers in Germany, which are subject to German data protection. Strato is certainly speculating that the 250 MB of mail storage will not be sufficient in the long term and that the user will then book additional mail storage for a fee. But to try out an e-mail address with your own e-mail domain, this offer is always sufficient.

You can also send email attachments up to a size of 75 MB. That should be enough, because for larger downloads you can send download links to files that are on Dropbox or Google Drive, for example.

The best free cloud storage from Germany

Each person may open exactly one mailbox in their name for 25 cents. The mailboxes can be accessed on all devices, i.e. also on an Android smartphone or an iPhone as well as in Outlook; Instructions can be found at Strato here. If you need several mailboxes, this costs extra. Domain forwarding is not possible.


You have to pay a one-time fee of 25 cents when registering. Strato wants to ensure that the registration is not done by a bot, but that a person actually registers. There should not be any further follow-up costs.

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