So close yet so far? What we currently know about vacation travel

It is different than usual. With the approaching summer season, the question arises this time: Where can you go or even fly this year? Opportunities for a vacation outside Europe can be seen in the foreign office Vienna most likely not, rather in neighboring countries with which politicians are seeking agreements. There will probably be flights, although Josef Peterleithner from the Austrian Travel Association assumes a limited offer (no daily flight to Crete). “As soon as tourists are officially welcome in the country and the travel formalities – also in relation to the return trip to Austria – are clarified, the flights will start again. “

Spain / Mallorca

Has Spain started with a careful loosening of the contact block, but the government wants to extend the state of emergency until the end of June. And dampens the prospect for tourists: “We cannot allow foreigners to enter while we still block the Spanish population from going out,” said Minister of Transport José Luis Ábalos. However, he confirmed that advice was given about an earlier resumption of tourism in the Spanish islands. Josef Peterleithner assumes that individual islands like Mallorca could be travelable in summer. But: “From today’s perspective, there is no point in flying there as long as there is a travel warning.” Austria Ministry of Foreign Affairs thinks she is Spainas for 26 other EU countries. For Spain, the how Italy Security level 6 (the highest) applies to the pandemic.


The Italian government has announced that it will open borders for EU citizens from June 3rd. Until then, the strict entry restrictions that do not provide for tourist trips apply. Exceptions: professional reasons, emergency situation, health reasons and return to residence. However, there is no direct cross-border train service between Austria and Italy. A travel warning from the State Department continues to apply Italy (Level 6). Expert Peterleithner is skeptical about upcoming vacation plans: “Even if it’s on the upper one Adriatic There are currently few cases, there are safety concerns, ”he says with regard to domestic tourism – guests from regions with a high number of infected people will also arrive.


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