So quiet: you could almost sleep on the Schiphol runway

Only 126 thousand people traveled via Amsterdam Schiphol. In April 2019, this was still 6.1 million, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. Passenger transport has come to a complete standstill at the airports of Rotterdam, Maastricht and Groningen Eelde.

People still leave from Eindhoven. There, the number of travelers dropped from nearly 606,000 passengers to just 8,000.

Empty appliances

The flights that depart from Schiphol and Eindhoven also attract fewer passengers. Average occupancy per flight plummeted from 82 percent last April to 29 percent in April 2020.

More than 56 percent of passengers in April 2020 had a destination within Europe, with the United Kingdom with 13.7 thousand and Germany with 11.9 thousand travelers being the most common destinations.

United States

The most chosen destination outside Europe was the US in both April 2019 and April 2020. However, the number in 2020 was only a fraction of last year’s, namely 18 thousand compared to 554 thousand.

Only freight transport keeps the aviation sector upright, according to the CBS figures. Freight transport fell by only 25 percent in April to 103 thousand tons of transported weight. 90 percent of the goods go via Schiphol, the rest via Maastricht.


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