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So there is a mathematical formula for eating ice cream perfectly Lifestyle

Low-calorie ice cream brand Oppo Brothers, together with expert Dr. Sarah Kemp researched the exact formula for the perfect way to eat ice cream and enjoy it as much as possible. For the right experience, you have to go through six steps, they found out.

The scientific comparison illustrates step by step a process of how to properly taste ice cream to maximize flavor and create a sensory experience. What seems? The right spoon is important, as is the right temperature. That brings us to the formula:

([email protected]° C + 1 / 2S + UBL + 12s) x 2 = MF *

The explanation:

i = ice

-14 ° C = softened to -14 ° C

1 / 2S = half a teaspoon

UBL = upside down teaspoon on tongue

12 s = 12 seconds pass the ice through the mouth and breathe

And now the guide for applying the formula, to enjoy ice cream as much as possible:

1. Let the ice heat up outside the freezer to -14 ° C for 15 minutes. Wait for the ice to feel soft. This allows the aroma molecules to be released better

2. Eat the ice with a teaspoon and scoop half full

3. Place the teaspoon upside down in the mouth so that the ice hits the tongue first for the first taste

4. Pass the ice through your mouth while breathing so that it reaches all of your receptors. Experience the creamy, smooth texture, mouthfeel and taste

5. Hold the ice in your mouth for 12 seconds to experience maximum flavor

6. Repeat the process to experience the full flavor profile and taste sensation

Taste expert Dr. Sarah Kemp: “Taste is extremely important and getting the most out of every bite should be the number one priority, especially when it comes to ice cream. However, people are not aware of how taste sensations can be maximized when it comes to eating food. When tasting ice cream, turning the spoon upside down in the mouth ensures that the ice hits the taste buds first. This gives you, almost immediately, a greater taste impact. ”


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