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So there is such a thing as cannabis beer | Lifestyle

“The Green Buzzard” is the name of the “fresh and summery” new beer, which will be launched on June 1. Notable ingredient is CBD (Cannabidiol), popular from the oil. And now in beer. With the drink, creators want to draw attention to the positive applications of hemp from Festival Mañana Mañana, from Feestfabriek Alles Kom Goed BV and the Bronckhorster Brewing Company. CBD can keep the immune system healthy and also serves as a pain reliever (it is not known whether it is a hangover beer).

The beer is green, which is why it has been nicknamed the Achterhoek Jungle Jungle beer. Those who hope to actually get the tripping effect of hemp when drinking, a disappointment awaits: CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. Unlike THC (the psychoactive substance in cannabis), CBD does not have a mind-altering effect, that is to say it does not get you high, so it is not hallucinogenic, illegal, addictive and is not on any drug list.


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