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So there is such a thing as tompouce beer | Lifestyle

HEMA has launched a genuine Tompouce Ale together with botanical brewer Lowlander. The milkshake-style blond beer (5%) is brewed with, among other things, vanilla and raspberry.

It is the first time that HEMA and Lowlander have joined forces. The brands share values ​​such as optimism, guts and the desire to make life more fun and better, which led to the idea of ​​bringing two typically Dutch products together in one product.

Because the botanical brewer adds herbs, spices and fruit to the brewing process, a distinct flavor combination is created. The raspberry makes the beer slightly sweet. The vanilla in turn contributes to a smooth, creamy finish, claim the beer’s makers. In practice you can taste something of the raspberry, but for that ‘creamy aftertaste’ you need some imagination.


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