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So this is the difference between the matte and the glossy side of aluminum foil

Wrap your sandwich, cover a salad, or keep a dish warm; Whatever you use aluminum foil for, it is simply indispensable in the kitchen. But which side should actually be on the inside and which side should be on the outside? We explain it to you:

Yes / no / yes / no

To get straight to the point: there is no difference between the matt and smooth side. At least, according to the manufacturers. According to them, it is entirely coincidental that one side is dull and one side is shiny. Although different top chefs think differently about this.

According to them, it is important to wrap dishes that you want to keep warm with the shiny side in and the matte side out. According to them, the shiny side would reflect the heat and the dull side would retain the heat.

How is it really?

According to the spokesman for Toppits (aluminum foil manufacturer), it doesn’t matter which side you use, they work exactly the same. It would be a myth that the dull side retains the heat better.

Chef Jean-Michel Hengge of the Michelin star restaurant Müller also agrees, but he always consciously wraps his aluminum foil with the shiny side out. He does this because this silk gives off something to his dishes that gives an unwanted color. In this case it has nothing to do with taste or heat, but purely aesthetics. Also important of course!


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