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So you can secure your Sky Ticket for only 5 euros a month

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  • Movies and series are a great way to make your time at home as entertaining as possible.
  • With the monthly cancelable Sky Tickets * you can secure online access to the entire entertainment world of Sky.
  • Here you can find out what you need to know about the Sky Ticket * packages.

Sky Ticket * is Sky’s streaming service. * You’re not bound by a contract for a year (or longer), but take a month’s subscription. So you can get to know the Sky offer first and decide whether you would like to take out a Sky Q subscription *, continue to stay with Sky Ticket or cancel if the content does not appeal to you.

What is Sky Ticket?

Do you want maximum entertainment with minimal commitment? Then Sky Ticket * is just the thing for you. This gives you the opportunity to stream films, series and sports – on a device of your choice and without a receiver. The Sky Ticket is always valid for one month. If you do not cancel it by the last day of the term, it will automatically be extended for another month.

This content awaits you at Sky Ticket

There are four different packages to discover at Sky Ticket *: Sky Ticket Entertainment, Sky Ticket Cinema, Sky Ticket Supersport and Sky Ticket Sport. They can be booked and combined independently of each other so that you can find the right program for you. At the moment the film and series offers are of course particularly interesting. Current highlights are: “Game of Thrones”, “Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood”, “Chernobyl”, “Annabelle 3”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, Pets 2 “,” 4 Blocks “,” Yesterday “,” Das Boot “,” Men in Black International “and” Yesterday “.

How do you secure Sky Ticket for five euros a month?

Now it gets interesting, because Sky Ticket * currently has great offers for you. You can secure the Sky Ticket Entertainment and the Sky Ticket Cinema for one month each for five euros! Here you will find everything you should know about the offers:

The Sky Ticket offer for series fans

With Sky Ticket Entertainment you can see current series and complete seasons on demand. There are even many new series parallel to the US launch and in the original language. In addition, there are exclusive Sky in-house productions and twelve pay-TV channels (for example TNT series, Fox and Sky Atlantic). What can you expect from the entertainment package? Top series such as “Babylon Berlin”, “The Wire”, “The Walking Dead”, “The New Pope” or the current highlight “Westworld”. At the moment you can get Sky Ticket Entertainment for just 4.99 euros in the first month – saving yourself 50% of the regular price! From the second month you pay 9.99 euros.

The Sky Ticket offer for film lovers

Would you rather watch a good film than a series? Then the Sky Ticket Cinema is the right choice for you. With it you can see current blockbusters and the most successful films of the year. You can also choose from over 1,000 of the most popular films of various genres and many of them can even be viewed in their original language. What exactly can you look forward to? “Godzilla – King of the Monsters”, “Spider-Man – Far From Home”, “Matrix” or “Good Fellas” are just a few examples. In addition to the content on demand, you also have access to ten TV channels.

The offer: You can also get the Sky Ticket Cinema for just 4.99 euros for a month. As with the entertainment package, the continuation of your subscription from the second month costs 9.99 euros.

Our tip: The Sky Ticket offer for films and series

Choosing between films and series is not that easy. So take a closer look at this offer: You can combine Sky Ticket Entertainment and Sky Ticket Cinema with each other and save even more. Sky offers you both packages together for only 7.49 euros in the first month. You should definitely not miss this! From the second month, it will be 14.99 euros per month.


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