SodaStream water bubbler DUO titan for 99.99 euros

The Sodastream sparkling water maker set with glass & plastic bottles and CO-2 cylinder is available on Amazon at the lowest price. Today is the last chance.

Last opportunity: The Sodastream DUO is today, on the last day of Prime Day, for

best price

available: The package in chic titanium contains both glass carafes and plastic bottles. This includes a CO2 cylinder. Only today does the sparkling water maker cost 99.99 euros instead of 129.95 euros last time.

Sodastream water bubbler set with 4 1-liter bottles for 99.99 euros instead of the previous 130 euros

Regarding the price development: Recently, the Sodastream set was included in the Black Friday offers and in the last-minute Christmas deals at the same promotional price. Amazon gives a strike price of 126.05 euros on the website. This means that the Sodastream was offered at this price during the last sale. With today’s Prime Day, the last offer will be topped. In the days before Prime Day 2022, the price was still 129.95 euros.

This is how the soda stream works

With this device, you can add carbonic acid to normal tap water at the touch of a button. So you always have fresh sparkling water at home and save yourself lugging bottles from the supermarket. This is not only good for your own wallet, but also extremely sustainable: With the SodaStream you have bottles that you constantly reuse. Both the supplied glass bottles and the plastic bottles are dishwasher safe.

Sodastream water bubbler set with 4 1-liter bottles for 99.99 euros instead of the previous 130 euros

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