Söder proposes a 365-euro ticket from September

At the weekend, CSU boss Markus Söder called for the introduction of a 365-euro ticket from September. This is how it should be financed.

The extremely popular 9-euro ticket is to be replaced by a 365-euro ticket from September 1, 2022. CSU boss Markus Söder demanded this in an interview with BILD on Sunday.

The offer for the 9-euro ticket ends in August. Söder explains in an interview: “The real problems will come in the fall. Then the prices will rise again. My suggestion would be a 365-euro annual ticket for all local public transport throughout Germany.” In addition, Söder is also in favor of extending the tank discount throughout the winter and giving all households a winter housing allowance. That, according to Söder, “would noticeably help most people”.

The federal government is supposed to finance the additional expenditure

When asked how additional costs should be paid, Söder explained: “The traffic light incurred record debts of 300 billion euros, but no more 20 billion for relief for citizens in the biggest crisis?” Söder therefore suggests that the federal government should replan and set new priorities. This also includes canceling “ideological projects” and not filling some of the “10,000 new employees in the government apparatus”.

9 euro ticket ends in August

The discussion about the successor to the 9-euro ticket thus receives new fodder. It was introduced for three months in June. The Association of Transport Companies (VDV) recently suggested that the 9-euro ticket should be replaced by a 69-euro ticket from September ( we reported in detail ). The annual costs would be around two billion euros.

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