Software update: Tesla fulfills old speed requirements for its (old) autopilot system

The beta version with completely rewritten autopilot software, which Tesla made available to the first testers in the USA from mid-October and should finally pave the way for truly autonomous driving, is currently generating a lot of interest and fascination. The majority of Tesla drivers, however, are still using the previous autopilot version, which, according to CEO Elon Musk, has recently been neglected due to the basic conversion. But now Tesla is also distributing an update for this, which fulfills a long and frequently expressed wish of many owners.

Tesla responds to driver requests

So far, there have been repeated complaints in forums about how setting the speed for driving under autopilot works: If you are already on the road and then activate the system, it jumps to the speed that is prescribed by the maps or recognized signs at this point – even if this is very different from the current speed and although the Tesla data is not always correct. In order to get as fast or slow as you actually want, you have to correct the tempo with your hand.

Also on Twitter to the address of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the desire for a different solution has been expressed several times, and now he has apparently heard it. In the German forum Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF), among others, a user reported on the software version 2020.44 with several minor changes in the use of Spotify and media in general, as well as a new speed limit.

Only for adaptive cruise control?

According to the release notes for the new software shown in the TFF, Tesla drivers now have two options instead of one fixed option for dealing with speed limits when driving with autopilot assistance. As before, you can set the system to use either the preset or the current tempo when activated, whichever is higher. For example, on construction sites with undetected temporary limits, this can lead to faster acceleration. However, there is now the new option of using the current speed as a default for the autopilot system.

Because it had been expected for so long, the new option was well received in the TFF forum. However, according to initial tests, it does not seem to be intended for driving including steering using the Tesla autopilot, but only for the partial function of adaptive cruise control. Some members said this will change with one of the next updates; others feared a targeted Tesla decision to make the purchase of the FSD autonomy option, which can remain activated for longer, more attractive.


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