Software update: Tesla Model 3 with LFP battery from China now charges faster than the US version

After the first owners of the small Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus from China reported charging problems with the LFP battery installed in it, the situation seems to have improved significantly after a software update. As the rental company nextmove, which specializes in electric cars, found out, the Model 3 with version 2021.4.10 now charges significantly faster and can also maintain the high charging speed longer than the same electric car from US production.

China-Tesla is now preheating to 40 degrees

As reported, the tried and tested iron phosphate technology for battery cells, which Tesla first used in the Model 3 from the Giga Shanghai, which was also exported to Europe last year, caused considerable problems. Apparently Tesla did not test them intensively and left this to the first users of the new vehicles. Massive charging problems with low charging speeds, jumps in the range displays and batteries that were not fully rechargeable were criticized in the network.

Nextmove extensively tested the Model 3 from China again after the update that has now been published and undertook a test drive that ended with a 0 percent battery indicator on a fast CCS station from Ionity. During the journey it became apparent that the software update achieved better and previously undetected battery preconditioning when approaching the supercharger. Finally, a major point of criticism that has been cited so far is that the battery management system did not preheat the battery sufficiently, which meant that only low performance could be achieved on the fast charger. This problem has now apparently been resolved, as nextmove was able to determine a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius as the target of the preconditioning. The charging power then reached up to around 170 kW and was kept at around 130 kW for a long time, which meant that the battery was half full again after almost 15 minutes.


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This is a significant advance compared to the values ​​reported so far and even faster than in the Model 3 Standard Range Plus from the USA with cells from Panasonic. This is how nextmove records it in its test video, and it also corresponds to’s experience with such a US Tesla – here we regularly notice a rapid drop in charging power to below 100 kW. A direct comparison of the two vehicles with different battery technologies is still pending.

In the new test by nextmove, it was also found that the Chinese Model 3 is motorway compatible. Despite the extremely fast journey and an average consumption of just under 330 kWh per 100 km, the full power remained available. Apparently the battery management system keeps the battery temperature below 50 degrees Celsius by cooling.

Model 3 with LFP battery will be attractive

In previous reports on the Model 3 from China, it was often stated that the battery display was also extremely inaccurate and sometimes violent jumps occurred in the remaining content. Problems of this kind were also no longer detected by nextmove after the update. It was also shown that the battery could be charged to 100 percent according to the display. Here, too, it was reported several times before the update that the vehicles were obviously not charging up to 100 percent.

In general, it shows that Tesla has succeeded with the update in solving the massive problems described by many customers. This is one of the recognized strengths of the company with its electric cars designed from the ground up as rolling computers. According to reports, Tesla intends to export a good 100,000 vehicles from China this year, presumably mostly to Europe. With the rapidly improved regulation for the LFP battery, the small Model 3 from there will also be attractive again – especially since the high production quality of the China Teslas was praised before the full extent of the charging problems became known.


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