SolarWinds hack bigger than expected: 250 companies and organizations affected

That is what researchers looking at the hack tell The New York Times. Hackers hid eavesdropping software in a program from IT company SolarWinds that companies use to manage their networks.

In theory, this could be tapped on networks of 18,000 organizations, SolarWinds recently reported. At first it was thought that this only took place actively at a small club, but hacking practices are now feared at 25 authorities.

US Ministries

The SolarWinds software is used by large companies and government organizations, and is installed at, among others, US ministries, Intel and Microsoft.

The company also has customers in the Netherlands, although none of them have reported a major hack via the SolarWinds software. It is therefore not known who was affected in our country.

The Russian government is suspected of the cyber attacks, although it officially denies any involvement.


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