Solid Dutch turnover already helps Bond film to record turnover

The box office is ringing for filmmaker Universal: the latest Bond film has passed the 300 million dollar mark (almost 260 million euros) in worldwide revenues, reports film blog Deadline.

The film is doing particularly well in the UK, with $71 million in revenue to date, one of the maker’s highest-grossing films of all time, Deadline says. Followed by Germany (32.7 million), Japan (12.2 million), France (10.1 million) and the Netherlands in a creditable fifth place with 8.5 million dollars, or more than 7 million euros.

More in the barrel

In some countries, such as New Zealand and Iceland, the film has only started running this weekend and has yet to be released in major countries such as Australia and China. So there seems to be a lot in store for the makers.

We all like a bit of action, spectacle and nostalgia. In this Bond, actor Daniel Craig can also be seen for the last time as agent 007. He is not worried about his succession: “Not my problem.”

Lots of tickets sold

No Time To Die has been doing well in the Netherlands since the film’s launch. More than 130,000 tickets had been sold before the film came out, and that happens very rarely, Universal said. The launch was also postponed, partly due to the coronavirus postponed for two years.

The cinemas and theaters of the Netherlands previously spoke of a ‘lost theater season‘. Due to all the measures they could not run or only at limited power. The easing of measures and the arrival of major films, such as this James Bond, are giving the industry hope. Better times have arrived, although the now mandatory Corona Check app is also a cause for concern.

According to Gulian Nolthenius, director of the NVBF industry association for cinemas, it is in any case too early to draw conclusions about how entrepreneurs in the industry are doing. “It has now been more than two weeks since the measures were lifted,” he says.

In any case, the film gets rave reviews and a 7.6 from film reviewer IMDb. According to film blog Film Today, Bond is currently the most visited cinema film in the Netherlands.

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