Solutions for the housing market | Special dismissal cases | And summary lawsuit about lockdown

Bye bye, there’s the door. Or not? Sometimes the judge has to intervene when employees and employers separate. Last year RTL Z wrote more than ever about interesting, startling and strange dismissal cases. Today we take another look at the most notable cases, from verbal aggression to fat severance pay.

Do you have an affordable home? Consider yourself lucky, because it was the year of the housing crisis. Starters find it difficult to find a house. In our 11 a.m. TV broadcast, slum landlord, financial journalist and stock market commentator Hans de Geus discusses the problem and looks at how to proceed with the dry-boiled housing market.

He previously lost a lawsuit about the corona access pass, but lawyer Bart Maes is not giving up. The court in The Hague is today pending summary proceedings against the Dutch state because of the introduction of the latest lockdown. Maes calls this sudden introduction a ‘slap in the face’ and ‘drama for shopkeepers, restaurant owners, hoteliers and students.’

Move over, Samsung and Apple. Xiaomi is coming. In Central and Eastern Europe it has been the largest smartphone seller for some time, but also in Spain they are now number 1. The Chinese smartphone maker today presents the Xiaomi 12 series.

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This piece was this most shared yesterday: New year, new rules. Traditionally, all kinds of new laws and regulations will apply on January 1, and that will affect your wallet. We list the most important ones.

We think you should also read this: Last year, the care bonus was abused in all kinds of ways. The cabinet released 1000 euros for every care worker who was on the front line during the first corona wave, but that amount has not always ended up well. For example, rogue healthcare directors kept the money in their pockets and employee lists were manipulated to earn more bonuses, according to our research.

And you may have missed this: From local kitchen farmer to multinational: companies worldwide have been shut down by hacks in the past year. Tech journalist Daniƫl Verlaan explains why no company is safe.

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PS Last summer’s floods in the Benelux, France and Germany were the second most expensive natural disaster in the world of 2021. The financial damage of the disaster is around 38 billion euros.

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