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‘Songbird’, thriller about how coronavirus will rule our lives until 2024, gets a trailer

What if the coronavirus keeps mutating and dominates our lives for years to come? Michael Bay took off for the film from that idea Songbird. The film will be released next year and will show the world in 2024, which is still under the spell of the coronavirus, which continues to mutate.

The corona virus has taken over our lives this year and that caused director Michael Bay (known for Armageddon and Pearl Harbor) for inspiration for a new movie. In front of Songbird he is not in the director’s chair, but he is the producer.


Songbird takes us to the United States in the year 2024. As the coronavirus continues to mutate, still no vaccine has been found and everyone is still under the spell of the virus. In the trailer we are told that it has already been in lockdown for the 213th week. Covid-19 has now also become Covid-23.

In the trailer you can also see how Nico (KJ Apa) is one of the few who is immune to the virus. This leaves him free to roam the deserted city, but others, including his girlfriend Sara (Sofia Carson), cannot. After four years of coronavirus, the government has also taken drastic measures. For example, we already hear in the trailer that infected people are being transferred to so-called “quarantine camps”. We also see how Sara’s neighbor develops a fever and is therefore dealt with harshly. When Sara lets her infected neighbor in, she gets into trouble herself.

Besides KJ Apa, who we know from Riverdale, and Sofia Carson, known for Descendants and Feel The Beat, we also get to see Demi Moore in the film. Songbird will appear in 2021, an exact date is not yet available.

Watch the trailer for this Songbird:


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