Sonos delivers speakers several times – customers have trouble

Sonos annoys customers in the USA and only delivers speakers ordered once more than once. This has consequences for customers.

In the US online shop from the manufacturer Sonos, there seem to have been problems in the past few days. Reports of angry customers are piling up on Reddit.

Speakers delivered seven times

All those affected had usually ordered a loudspeaker or a soundbar in the Sonos online shop. Instead of the one device they ordered, they were sent multiple speakers. One customer received a total of seven speakers instead of one Move speaker. He was also asked to pay for this by Sonos. Instead of the originally planned $320, Sonos billed for a whopping $2,200.

Problems only in the US

For all those affected, the excess devices delivered were also debited via the specified payment method. Sonos apologized to the angry buyers and promised to pay back the overcharged sums. However, this can usually take up to ten working days. Sonos is also asking the affected customers to return the products that have been delivered in excess and, for example, to bring them to a UPS station near them. Corresponding return stickers are given to Sonos customers. So far the problem is only known in the USA. In Germany, there do not seem to have been any delivery problems in the online shop.

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