‘Sonos will come with a small wireless speaker Roam in April’

The Sonos Roam is a speaker with bluetooth and WiFi that will be on the market in April, reports The Verge. Like competing portable bluetooth speakers such as those from UE Boom, the Sonos Roam is completely waterproof.

The Roam differs from the Move, the first portable speaker from Sonos that appeared in 2019. The Move is quite large and heavy: 3 kilograms. The Sonos Roam is said to weigh about 450 grams and is also much smaller than the Move.

For indoor and outdoor

Within range of a WiFi connection, the Roam works just like any other Sonos speaker, for example by playing the same music together with multiple speakers. In addition, the speaker works as a regular bluetooth speaker with, for example, a smartphone.

The Sonos Roam will cost $ 169 in the US. The Move costs 399 euros. The Roam comes with a charging cable, a separate charging dock is also on the market for 49 dollars. Just like the other speakers from Sonos, the Roam also appears in the colors black and white.


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