Sony announces special event for PlayStation 5

Truly Exquisite, a British company that specializes in the refinement of electronic devices, is now accepting pre-orders for refined PS5 variants.

The next version of the Sony console can be ordered in 3 different variants. The model with 24-carat gold plating and Blu-Ray drive costs the equivalent of 8,773 euros. If you want the PlayStation 5 with an 18-carat rose gold plating, 8,881 euros have to be turned over, the platinum version costs 8,989 euros. Those who opt for the digital version of the PS5, i.e. the model that does not have an optical drive, get off a little cheaper.

In addition, there are also the DualSense controllers and a PS5 headset with the corresponding finishes. The controller costs at least 703 euros, the headset 432 euros.

It is still not clear how high the prices of the regular PlayStation 5 will be. Most importantly, the price difference between the model with Blu-Ray player and the pure digital model will be about. The pricing of Truly Exquisite indicates that the PS5 model without an optical drive will be around 100 euros cheaper than the model with a Blu-Ray player.


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